Question:  I have an order for a different Physical Therapy clinic, can I still come to Atlanta Sport & Spine?

Answer:  YES!!  It is the patient’s choice to go to any Physical Therapy clinic that is covered by your insurance.


Question:  What is a Physical Therapist?

Answer:  Physical Therapists help patients with conditions such as back pain, fractures, post operative care, and more by providing services that restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. They restore, maintain, and promote overall fitness and health.  Physical Therapists must graduate from an accredited Physical Therapy program.  After a 3 year program, physical therapists must pass the National Board Examination.  Our Physical Therapists are experts that you can depend on to improve motion and help achieve long-term quality of life.

Question:  What happens at my first visit and how long will it take?

Answer:   Please allow 1 hour for your first appointment. Once you have checked in with our front office staff, your Physical Therapist will call you back to a private area to begin the evaluation. Your Therapist will begin the evaluation by asking you for information about your condition. When the Therapist has gathered the information he/she needs, a physical examination will be performed to help the Therapist better determine the source or cause of your symptoms. The Therapist will also take range of motion and strength measurements, which will be continually reassessed throughout the course of your treatment. This allows the Therapist to track your progress. Your Physical Therapist will design an individual treatment plan for you, to help you achieve your goals.

Question:  Do I need a prescription or order from my doctor to attend Physical Therapy?
Answer:   Yes, Georgia state law requires a prescription from a physician to receive Physical Therapy.  If you have already seen a physician for your condition, you may request an order for Physical Therapy from that physician.  Any physician can write a prescription for Physical Therapy.  You can call your primary care physician, internist, orthopedic, OBGYN, etc and ask them if Physical Therapy would be beneficial for your condition. They can give you a prescription, or even fax it straight to us.  If you have any trouble obtaining a referral, please give our office a call as we have great physicians and specialists that we can refer to you.

Question:  Will I see the same Physical Therapist each visit?
Answer:   You will be evaluated by one of our highly skilled Physical Therapists and he/she will also treat you for your subsequent visits.  Unlike some other clinics, we feel it is very important to develop a one-on-one relationship between patient and Therapist.

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